Rob Winters of Animal Control Specialists from Ohio shared this great video of a raccoon being captured in a quick closing Comstock, 9x11x36, wire triggered, powered door live trap.  This raccoon looks as though he might have been captured before and released by the way he was feeling his way through the trap.  As you can see, the powered doors make it nearly impossible for a raccoon to beat the door.  Placing the trap in a “positive set” over the entry way where the raccoons enter and exit a home removes the element of chance as the animal must go through the trap.  This time saving method relies on nothing to attract an animal, no bait or lure.  All the raccoon has to do it move, either coming or going to or from the den.  This concept can be used for squirrels, skunks, chipmunks, woodchucks, armadillos, foxes, even badgers, used with a wide variety of Comstock panless fast closing traps.  Robs website is, he has many great videos and information on his site.