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#bobcat , This is the Comstock Powered door lock ring bobcat cage trap, can be made in 9x18x36, 10.5x21x36, 12x24x36, and 15x24x36. These can only be ordered by emailing us or by telephone . ...

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#bobcat , This is our Comstock Bifold wire triggered power doored bobcat cage trap. They come in 3 sizes for nesting, saves on shipping costs, comes in double or single doors. ...

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#raccoon nice Vertical positive set right over the entry/exit point. Works like a champ. Give us a call , email, or text if you have questions . ...

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#raccoon Vertical positive setting for raccoon using Comstock Cages!! So simple yet effective. ...

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#raccoon# Beautiful day up on Lake George area for a raccoon removal job! ...

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#raccoon#Comstockchimney cagetrap#Thanks to Tim Albright of Geauga Nuisance from Chardon Ohio for sharing this rendition of raccoon trapping in a chimney with the Comstock Chim trap! ...

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