This outstanding, unique footage of 4 Canadian Lynx was provided by a Canadian research group.  The female Lynx was captured in a 12x12x36 single door Comstock Wire Triggered live cage trap with a Power Door.  Incidentally, “Mom” was released unharmed to rejoin the family.  With the elevated wire trigger the chances of freezing up are never an issue as they are with conventional pan type traps.  Engaged in a fisher study program where fisher are collared and released, the incidental Lynx catch was made by the research team.  Appearing first, an adolescent Lynx was followed by two more of his brothers or sisters.  It was apparent that the three young Lynx, about six months old, were apprehensive about entering the live cage trap.  However, the adult female, no doubt still responsible for providing food for the young, didn’t hesitate entering the live trap to grab a free lunch.  With heavy duty 1/4 inch framing, solid mesh wire, wire trigger and powered door, the function, speed and durability make this all but escape proof trap unbeatable.