Is there a warranty?
All traps are warrantied for one year for manufacturers defects.
If I have questions is there someone I can call?
Yes,  you can call Jim or Judy at 518-792-2371 to answer your questions 7 days a week.
How will the traps be shipped?
Packages are shipped by FEDEX with convenient deliveries made Monday through Saturday.  We provide tracking information so that you know when your package has been shipped.
Where do we ship?
We ship to the U.S. and Canada.  (Let us know if you have another destination.)
How long will it take to get my order? (Standard traps)
Many orders are shipped within a day or two of ordering from the factory in Wisconsin.  Manufacture has some models on hand, with parts made in advance for many traps.  Keeping with lean manufacture, dozens of different models and options, traps are assembled and powder coated to order, but go out quickly.  During times of particularly high volume ordering you will be advised of potential delays.
How long will it take to get my order? (Custom made traps)
Jim makes custom orders from scratch in his shop in Upstate New York, cutting and bending each piece by hand to your exact specifications.  Working around his schedule with his Nuisance Wildlife Business, turn around time can vary greatly, frequently from two to four weeks.  New sizes require engineering, measuring and recording of all dimensions.  If you order a trap that has been custom made in the past, it may help to speed the process since traps can be made from prototypes and or recorded dimensions.
(Examples of custom made traps:)

Mid-sized Beaver: 12x15x33

Oversized Beaver: 15x24x36

Wide Beaver: 12x24x36

Alligator: 12x24x60

Large Bobcat: 15x24x36

How do you set these traps?

Swing Panel

Trap Setters for 9×11—12×12—Beaver




Bobcat B-1

Bobcat B-2

Quick Set Hookless Traps

How do you replace Trigger Wires?
What is a nose cone?
A nose cone is a device that is primarily used with double door cage traps at den sites to provide for capture of animals either coming or going from the den without the use of bait or lure.  For optimum results, a double door trap is placed at the entrance to a free standing den or den under a building.  The nose cone is placed over the trap and den in essence to connect the two, providing a clear path for the animal to follow.  We have metal nose cones with flaps, wire nose cones that work in multiple directions and multipurpose traps with built in multiple direction nose cones.   Nose cones make trap setting a breeze for both professional and home owner.
What is a flush mount trap or flush mount adaptor?
Flush mount means a trap with an “internal door” that can be pushed up against a building or wall without interference to the door when the trap is fired.  A flush mount adapter will convert a standard 9×11 trap with an “external door” that extends out beyond the trap frame into a flush mount trap.
What are trap dividers or separator tools?
They are a forked device that slips though cage wire to keep animals away from the door if you choose either to release or transfer animals to another cage.
How is shipping calculated?
No high flat rate shipping. Exact shipping is calculated for your own address and order.

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