Comstock Cage set with bait
Wolf dog captured after first night set!
close up of happy dog!
Happy dog owner and the trapper

Occasionally we get calls from pet owners or the trapper they have hired to capture a lost, unusual or exotic pet.  A few weeks ago we got another call about a wolf-dog that had gotten away from a new owner.  The stories are always accompanied by a measure of desperation as the pet is always really special and or expensive.  In this case the trapper was willing to drive 5 1/2 hours one way to pick up a trap we had built for mountain lions, a 92 pound rugged cage trap measuring 24x30x73 inches.  It was very fortunate that we had the trap on hand as it can take some time to put a large trap together on short notice and we don’t often keep large traps in stock.  At any rate, the large wolf/dog was back with the happy owner the day after the trap was set.   

Other stories have involved African Serval Cats, a belly pig and a very large 100 pound dog that all requiring over sized cage traps.  It’s always a great feeling when we get the photos of pet and owner happily reunited.  With the pressure on, we cross our fingers each time that all will go as planned.  So far, so good.