Comstock swim through cage traps have distinct advantages over other devices for trapping beaver, especially when used in wide streams.  This photo shows 3 beaver caught side by side in 3 cages that “fenced” the entire creek.

When setting standard body gripping, conibear type traps you wouldn’t even consider fencing off a large creek, like the 7 foot wide creek pictured, because of the time required to do it and the fact that the traps would have to be made to stay in place after a catch.  Even if you did fence a wide creek and were able to put several body gripping traps in the fence, there is always the worry of a large beaver pulling up a trap and springing the others.  And, once a catch is made, a second beaver could easily swim over a beaver in a trap.  There would be no way to use body grippers in this manner in a culvert, on ledge or cobblestone, where cages shine.

With Comstock cages and wide creeks no traditional fencing is required, as the traps serve as both a fence and a trap in an all in one system.  By setting, two, three or four of these cages upside down on the bottom, side by side a few inches a apart, you can effectively cover an entire stream bed.  This is especially handy where there are large numbers of beaver.  In the photo you will see that there are 3 traps set side by side with a large “deadman” log over the top.  The log and the traps cover most all of the waterway, side to side and top to bottom, leaving virtually no options for a beaver swimming the stream other than to go through the traps.  These traps requiring no stabilizing, anchoring or wiring off.  They are a drop in trap.  Once a catch has been made, the trap will not move out of place, which means that the portion of the stream occupied by the trapped beaver is now “fenced off.”  A second or third beaver will have no options but to swim through the remaining traps.

These cage traps can not only be used to fence a stream, but can similarly be set side by side with castor lure to do the same to make multiple catches.  Nothing is easier, more effective, consistent or reliable to make multiple catches.