Though it’s not all that often that we stack our beaver traps on top of each other, at times it fits the situation.  We do set them side by side a lot of the time, two, three and even four wide to cover the width of a creek, traps and fencing “all in one.”  Setting in shallow water, 18 to 24 inches deep with a deadman log over the top, the stream is covered.

When the area to be set is deeper but narrower, either in the channel or set off to the side of the main stream using castor lure, stacking again covers both the width and the height of the waterway.  When the stream is 25 to 30 inches deep and the width of a cage, stacked traps can take two beaver.  Just tonight I picked up two beaver in a deeper narrow run using lure at the head end of a narrow slot.  It doesn’t hurt to run a couple of stakes down through the wire cage to hold the top trap in place.