Jim and I take great pride in our customer service. We received this excellent testimonial yesterday from our customer Chad Soard, owner of Trifecta Wildlife Services, LLC in Lexington, Ky.  www.trifectawildlife.com

” Thanks very much for our conversation about my lake beaver job on the phone last week and the quick shipping of the beaver trap.  As luck would have it I got the beaver on camera hitting my castor mound two nights ago.  So yesterday set the cage in the manner you described the other couple of trappers using with success; the castor mound made top center of trap.  And this morning he was caught, worked like a charm!  I attached some pictures for you.  Have a good one! ”

Thank you Chad for sharing your successes with us using our Comstock Brand. Jim and I are always available 7 days a week to assist in any way possible those using Comstock Cages and products.