A Canadian research team has been capturing, collaring and releasing fisher for a couple of years in Quebec.  Due to issues with standard live cage traps last year, the decision was made switch to Comstock Live Cage Traps, a big plus for the project.  Fisher are quick, strong and intelligent. These rugged Comstock 12x12x36 single powered door, live cage traps with the patented wire trigger, have provided unparalleled success.  It all comes down to relativity, the ratio of catches to misses and losses.  At last count the Canadians had captured 9 fisher and best yet, without a single miss, 100% success!  When a trapper develops traps for his own use first, you know they are going to work. These traps have put profitability in Animal Damage Control, fur on the boards on the trapline, helped DIY homeowners solve their own nuisance wildlife problems, while putting smiles on the faces of researchers who are deeply invested in animal study projects.