Woodchuck Triplets in an 18 inch 9×11 Comstock Cage Trap

I guess this is the year for multiple catches for us.  Though many others have reported catching two and three animals at a time, fox, raccoons, beaver, woodchucks, skunks, even one trapper who actually caught 5 otters at one time, I haven’t had that happen until this year.  We got 2 beaver in a dam break set in the large swim through beaver trap a few weeks back and most recently 3 baby chucks in an 18 inch long 9×11.  The land owner said there were 2, but upon closer inspection, we found a third.  Another trapper did catch one big chuck and two small ones in an 18 inch long trap a few years back.  I am sure there are many others of which we are unaware.  It’s always a pleasant surprise when there is a bonus critter or two all caught at once.  The irony, a number of trappers said we wouldn’t be able to catch even a single animal in an 18 inch long double door trap seven years ago when we began, even after we had been doing it.  And now we sometimes find multiples.

Again, this was a positive den set right over the hole using a nose cone as we always do.