Skunks Galore!!

It’s that time of  year again, skunk breeding season.  Seems a bit early, but I guess pretty close to normal.  From mid February until early March around here they show up under houses, sheds etc.  The location pictured is one where they seem to be able to get right into the basement, which didn’t go unnoticed.  Not sure exactly what they do when they are breeding, males fighting or females getting excited, but they surely can stink up a house.  We just set two locations with positive double door sets, baitless as always, 6 traps in all, 4 and 2.  The first night yeilded 100% success, 6 for 6.  Check number two netted 4 more, 3 and 1.  Today just 1, so we must be getting to the bottom.  We use short 18 inch traps most of the time and fill in with longer 24 or 30’s.  Scrap pieces of aluminum serve as a barrier to open areas, forcing the skunks to go through the traps.  Pictured is a pair of skunks under the porch with two replacement traps set and ready to go.

When you get to a location and see the deep trails in the snow, you know you’re in for it, usually many, 6 to 12 common.  My personal best is 15 at 3 dens at one stop, 12 in one den, though I think I heard one trapper say he got 29.  Hard to beat this style of trapping for skunks and chucks too.  Just set and go, no maintenance.