Quite understandably, we have been asked any number of times whether or not skunks spray in the Comstock Wire Trigger/ Powered Door Cage Traps.  No is the short answer.   Since the powered doors close quickly, with some authority, having about 11 pounds of pressure, we can see why the question would arise.  You might think that a skunk would spray with doors slamming shut, but not so.  When we first set the powered door traps for skunks we were in unchartered waters, really not knowing what would happen, willing to give it a shot, while crossing our fingers.  The cages worked great.  The smallest double door trap we have, the 18 inch, with nose cones at positive baitless sets was perfect.

Skunks respond differently to being startled when a door closes compared to fear when the actually feel threatened, by people or pets invading their comfort zone, getting too close.  When the trap fires they get a little start, but don’t usually spray.  I will never say never as on a rare occasion there may be a hint of a drop, but most of the time the only odor present is the smell of the skunk itself.

From the last post, the first site has just given up skunk #9, quite expected with the deep trails in the snow, as numbers often fall in the 4-12 range.