Porcupine in a Comstock Swim Through Beaver Cage Trap

Though the 12x18x39 Comstock Beaver Cage Trap was designed to operate in and under water primarily for beaver and otter, it works fine on land, set standing up at 18 inches tall with the door closing sideways or flat at 12 inches high.  On land the beaver trap has no problem with raccoons, opossum, fox, bobcats, badgers, porcupines and even woodchucks.  Paul shared a photo of a large porcupine caught on land in the beaver trap, stating that the door held fine and didn’t budge, as you would expect.  Solid lock up doors are spring loaded with a spring loaded lock bar that actually holds tighter when animals push on the door.  The traps are made to be “escape proof” while suffering no damage or breakage by captured animals.  With thousands of these traps in service throughout North America the clean record of catch without issue continues.