First designed to clip onto a 9×11 Comstock Cage Trap, the Chimney Adapter fits securely onto a  Comstock Cage Trap extending down into the chimney 18 inches.  If a double door trap is used there is a chance of catching a raccoon entering the chimney as well as exiting, though many indicate 95% of the raccoons are exiting, often a female with a litter.  The adapter can be used with both single and double door 9×11 Comstock Cage Taps.

Carl Johnson of Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control found another use for the adapter, using it on dormers and soffits to fit tight places to be used like the narrow custom Comstock 6x11x36 flush mount raccoon trap.  This adapter can be used most anywhere in tight quarters since it is outfitted with an 18 inch nose that has a small 5×9 opening.  Thanks for sharing Carl.