New York State Trappers Convention / The Comstock Line of Products

Judy and I just returned from three days at the New York State Trappers Convention.  Not only was the weather incredible, 40’s to 70, we had a great show and enjoyed seeing everyone again.  Because we had traveled to Wisconsin to pick up a trailer load of cage traps in July, we were able to offer a wide variety of products directly.  After getting a count on what was left after the National Trappers Convention, Neil Olsen’s Trappers Weekend and the New York Trappers Convention, though we still have some of the beaver traps, a lot of the smaller traps had been sold, not a bad thing.

The Comstock Line of Traps and Accessories continues to expand.  Factory products number no less than 46, while we additionally offer some 29 additional traps, which include a squirrel transfer box, raccoon soffit trap, two types of bobcat traps, coyote, mountain lion, a mid sized and over sized beaver trap as well as an alligator trap.  The bifold door and lock ring bobcat traps in both single and double door models, as expected, are gaining acceptance as trappers learn just how well they perform, outperforming the competition in cold weather, icing conditions.  They range in size from a compact 15 inch tall trap to an extra large 24 inch high trap, with an 18 and 21 inch trap in between, all with the patented wire trigger and signature powered doors.

With all of the nuisance work that came in this summer we are understandably behind on producing bobcat cage traps, but working hard to make all the traps we have promised before the trapping seasons begin.  Our capacity to fill orders on custom and shop traps is inversely related to the amount of nusiance calls we receive, which means there is no consistent time frame for orders to go out.  We do the best we can.

We will continue to develop more traps as requests are received along with bringing some of our own ideas to fruition, so keep watching