Finally met Legendary Beaver Trapper, Fred Lawrence

It surely was a pleasure to meet Fred Lawrence from Washington.  Fred, his wife Carol, son Mark and grandsons took us to lunch yesterday on the Hudson River in Luzerne where the river drops into a narrow falls.  A perfect fall like day, cool and sunny, Judy and I had a great time getting to know the family.

Fred has been a tireless advocate of the Comstock line of traps on the west coast, the top promoter of the equipment he truly loves.  When he asked to try a beaver trap years ago I felt like a I was fishing.  The big one had taken the bait, time to set the hook.  Confident in what we had, I knew I had him.  From that day forward Fred has taken his Comstock traps with him to conventions and gatherings to show the traps he has used to take lots of beaver and otter.

More recently Fred tried out some of the bifold door bobcat traps.  Once again he was not disappointed.  After experiencing freeze ups with 8 guillotine door traps, he caught 3 bobcats in 4  bifolds the same night.

Fred, a well respected trapper, has been trapping all of his life.  Meticulous in his record keeping, nothing is left to chance.  It’s all on paper.   To his credit, Fred wrote an acclaimed book on beaver trapping many years ago.  We all learn form his insights and act on his suggestions, which help to benefit the trapping community as well as Judy and I in our endeavor to make the best cage traps in the world.

There was only one drawback with our meeting.  It was far too short.  Fred extended an invitation to visit, which we just might do.