Swing Panels are doing it for the Professionals!

Many thanks to Rob Winters of Animal Control Specialists LLC for sharing pictures of the Comstock Swing Panel Traps in action, this time catching red squirrels at an ADC job location.  Pictures really tell the story.  Positive sets at den sites are pretty much a sure thing, making quick work of removing problem rodents, red squirrels, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, etc.  Rob explained how he can open the door to these cages when a catch is made and transfer a squirrel into another trap, while leaving the trap in place and resetting it on site.  Would love to see that on video.  So many are innovators, showing how these remarkable traps often exceed expectations.

When someone like Rob, who has used any number of different cage traps for all sorts of critters over the years, gives the thumbs up to us by choosing Comstock Cage Traps not only for squirrels, but other animals like woodchucks, using the double door, 9×11, wire trigger traps and powered doors, it means a lot.  With so many brands and types of traps available, though we believe what we offer has a number of advantages over what others produce, it’s not what we think, but what those using Comstock Cage Traps to make their living tell us about their experiences that counts.  Thanks again Rob, not only for the pics, but for your support and positive statements that lets us know that what we are doing is o.k.