The Goal Of Comstock Custom Cage Is To Continue To Produce The Most Durable, Reliable, Professional Grade Of Live Cage Traps In A Very Humane Practical Live Trap That Anyone Can Use With Confidence. Remember, we use them too!



Comstock Live Traps do it all!

Traps that “Catch, Hold and Hold-Up,” Comstock Live Traps do it all. Combining the most advanced animal live traps in the world with the most advanced trapping methods, Comstock remains the leader in live traps, the traps to which all others are compared. The most innovative Wire Trigger System, designed specifically for live traps, works in tandem with “Lightning Quick” Powered Doors. Remember, there is “No Wrong Way” to set a Comstock Live Trap as this is the only live trap that will function without issue when set in any position, right side up, upside down, sideways, even vertically. The swim through beaver live trap, actually performs best when set upside down and has no equal. See for yourself why so many say the Comstock Cage Trap is the best cage trap they have ever used!

We Will Build You a Custom Cage!


” The Comstock Custom Cage is the best live trap ever. I trapped 25 raccoons this year plus numerous feral house cats. The animals do not become trap-shy or otherwise learn to avoid the trigger mechanism as with the Havahart type traps. I use cheap cat food crumbles as bait, and I place a board on top of the trap to keep the bait dry. The trap would be well worth the money at twice the price.”  Orie C.  10/13/16

“This is my third time ordering from you. The service is top notch. The cage traps are light years ahead of anything else we have used. Thanks!”  Mike G.  10/9/16


” Excellent product, excellent customer service.”  Richard S.  9/28/16


” Great traps, great service, recommend them highly! ” Bob M.  9/28/16



“My go-to traps, hands down! Whether raccoons, squirrels or rats, these traps are the ones that I reach for daily.”  Scott Ursiny, MI   9/22/16


” Quality, well made traps, very versatile”  Richard L.   9/28/16

” I simply love the traps I purchased. For years the beavers on my property had me flooded out with no access to most of the 90 acres. I simply dropped the dam levels to where I could get the traps in the runs and I’ve taken 8 large beaver the past two years. Currently, the creeks and lake have NO beavers visible and knock on wood….I think they are gone. The fall and winter will tell for sure but without these traps, I would be at a loss how to get rid of these horrible creatures. I now have access to fish and hunt the property. Thank you very much.”   Don Walker   10/7/16

” Thanks to the trap from Jim Comstock at Comstock Custom Cage, I’ve caught 4 beaver in 4 nights using it!”    Angela


” Traps work great! We used it upside down to catch a raccoon that was entering a customer’s house through her cabinet above the fridge….. Awesome trap! ”       Crisp’s Wildlife Service    9/28/16

“I’ve never been a trapper but since I’ve had Comstock Cages I’ve caught more nuisance beaver! ”  Pete, Minerva, NY   10/7/16

“My company owns dozens of Comstock Cage Traps in multiple sizes. We continue to purchase them due to the ease of use, open design, innovative trigger, strength and longevity of the traps. Our oldest has been in near daily use for 6 years and, to my knowledge, has never had to be worked on aside from replacing trigger wires. It’s not that we haven’t  tried other brands, it’s just that we have yet to find any that meet our needs as well as the Comstock line of traps. Thank you for building an excellent product!”

Matt Chittwood- President @ Critter Wranglers, LLC,  Tennessee