Using the Comstock 3 Way Nose Cone Adapter to make Multiple Catches



A creative customer of ours provided these pictures using this Comstock accessory with the Comstock 9×11 sized cage trap. The 3 way wire nose cone adapter was designed to be used with either single or multiple cage traps.  Because the adapter has an opening on the bottom for placement over a den site and 3 flaps, several traps can be easily placed against the unit to take a number of animal in a single night, raccoons, woodchucks, skunks, foxes etc.  The multipurpose trap also has a 3 way adapter nose cone built right into the trap and again can accommodate 2 more traps easily.  When more than one 3 way is used, there are even more possibilities.  Shown are examples of multiple catches using these devices along with Comstock wire triggered, powered door 9×11 cage traps.