Double door traps have been the focus and strength at Comstock Custom Cage from day one.  Our first business has always been nuisance wildlife control, so besides being inventors and distributors of a complete line of Comstock double door live cage traps, we use these traps on a daily basis to remove problem beaver, raccoons, woodchucks, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks and more.

*With that said, not every situation requires a double door trap.  We also offer a complete line of single door traps to compliment the double door traps.

Double door traps are the most versatile cage traps you will ever use, used with or without bait in positive den sets, trails etc.  Single door traps inherantly are limited in application and performance, a no brainer, primarily relying on bait, while they will only take an animal coming from one direction.  Though there are trade offs no matter what device you choose, a skilled trapper can accomplish far more with double door cage traps than with single door traps, especially when the traps have wire triggers and powered doors in traps that can be set in any position.

Not every manufacturer offers double door traps for any animals.  Some provide a limited range of double door traps.  Single door traps are relatively easy to construct, while double door traps require special considerations in engineering.  All of our cage traps were first designed as double door traps, then easily made into single door traps.  Our double door traps were never converted single door traps.

The rugged line of Comstock traps will hold up to whatever animals dish out without damage, over and over again.  Comstock no doubt has the widest range of double door traps in the industry, with no less than four door configurations in the original powered door line, the swing panel traps, along with a bifold door and powered lock ring door offered on the latest bobcat traps.  The double door line of traps over the past 8 years have including traps designed to capture chipmunks, squirrels of all kinds, muskrats and mink, armadillos, woodchucks and skunks, raccoons and opossums, bobcats and fox, beaver and otter,  even mountain lions and alligators.  Others have taken iguanas, badgers, coyotes, a pot belly pig, a piglet, porcupines, marten, fisher, weasels, turtles, fish of all kinds-trout, salmon, largemouth bass, suckers, sunfish, carp, ducks, small birds and who knows what we have left out.  What goes in, stays in.

With more ideas of our own in the wing that will translate into useful devices and accessories in time, for those in need of something different in live cage traps, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We like the challenge to problem solve and create.