Introducing the -NEW- Comstock “Pop On” Wire Trigger System

After a couple of years of testing, we are very happy to announce that all new Comstock 9×11 cage traps will come with the easy to use “Pop On” wire trigger system. Because these trigger wires are made to fall off as animals work the trap, they will not get distorted, but will remain intact to be reused over and over again indefinitely. Though they may not always fall off when a catch is made, when they do they will simply lie in the bottom of the cage until you pop them back onto the posts, which takes seconds. If a wire needs a little tweaking it can be done quickly and easily in your hands outside of the cage before reattaching it to the bar. In the past individual trigger wires have been used to catch more than one hundred raccoons, while still remaining in service.
This system consists of four—1/4 inch diameter posts welded to the swing bar trigger. A conversion kit is also available for those who would like to replace triggers on existing 9×11 traps. Each kit contains a powder coated swing bar with welded posts, two pop on trigger wires and eight hog ring clips to reattach the swing bar. Triggers are made from stainless, spring steel with coils on each end of the wire, which means there are now no points. Wires are bent in a loop so that the coils will simply pop onto the posts.
For do it yourselfers, anyone with the capability of welding posts onto the swing bars on the traps they already have will only have to purchase new trigger wires.
Trigger wires are available in 2, 6 and 12 packs.
The conversion kits are $19.50 each. (discounts available for bulk purchases)
Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.
Jim and Judy</p