Many thanks to Dave Kulla from Washington for sharing some great photos.  He was one of the first to use the Comstock Beaver Traps when they came out in 2010, using Comstock Swim Through Beaver Cage Traps with great success.  He actually had a personal best beaver trapping season with Comstock Traps, 105 beaver in first year of using the new traps, along with otter too.  Dave beat his previous best season with body gripping traps with these cage traps, which speaks for itself.  

After we made the first 12x18x39 beaver traps, primarily set in runs the shorter way, 12 inches high, it was apparent that these unique versatile traps were a trap of “two sizes,” meaning they could be set “flat” or “standing up,” either 12 or 18 inches high.  Traps could be set in runs or on land either way to catch beaver and otter.

Additionally, when set sideways, the same traps could be used to catch both fox and bobcats on land.  Because the traps could be set sideways we called the trap the “sidewinder,” since a lot of bobcats are taken in western desert snake county.  The name just seemed to fit.  At any rate, Dave began to utilize his beaver traps to take bobcats, as many have done throughout the country.  As always, these reliable cage traps have exceeded expectations, beaver traps that are able to take bobcats, water or land trapping.  

Conversely, we have since created bobcat traps with two types of doors, ring lock and bifold.  Notably, even before suggesting that the ring lock traps might work as a beaver trap, one trapper had already taken beaver and muskrats in them.  You are only limited to your own imagination when setting the double, powered door, solid locking traps that will work in single or double modes, placed right side up, upside down, sideways or even vertically.