I’m not sure if I am the first to catch one thousand beaver in these cages, but maybe.  There was never a goal to catch a thousand beaver in our Comstock swim through beaver cage traps in the first place or any specific number for that matter.  One thousand just happened.  At just shy of eight years of using these versatile, consistent and reliable work saving devices, the one thousand mark became a reality in early September.  I never set out to keep a continuous tally either, but after keeping records for some months, as the numbers grew, I just stuck with it.  Though the numbers are not a tell all, they do provide some relativity to what is happening and just how effective these traps have been.  We have taken in excess of 92% of our total beaver catches in the cages in Animal Damage Control since we started producing them.   

Besides taking more than one thousand beaver in these cages, we have taken a number or otter and no doubt more than one hundred muskrats.  With thousands of these cages in service there’s no way figure out how many critters have been taken in these useful traps, including, woodchucks, badgers, foxes, bobcats, raccoons and even coyotes