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  • Double Door Cage Traps / Positive Sets The question:  Are animals hard to catch?  Answer, “Easy if you know how, impossible if you don’t.”  The best part of what I am about to relate, anyone can move from novice to expert in little more than the time it takes to set a trap. As the […]

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  • May 31, 2011 Beaver Cage Traps

    The first of our line of double door, wire trigger, powered door cage traps came out in April of 2010, finally broke the ice as it were.  From there were had a series of firsts, first small 18 inch double door trap for chucks, a real space saver.  First to take raccoons in chimneys with […]

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  • A Case for Double Door Traps

    Though at Comstock Custom Cage we do make and sell single door traps, the primary objective in this endeavor is to provide superior equipment along with the most effective methods that offer more options and versatility, which simply put, is a double door trap over a single door trap, something that should not be difficult […]

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  • Cage Trap Invention, Trapping, And Trap Related Information

    The bulk of my life has been spent engaged in the pursuit of wildlife through trapping, beginning with fur trapping in the 1960’s, in time evolving into ADC trapping, Animal Damage Control.  Though I have used a great variety of traps over the years, humane live cage type traps have become the primary tool of […]

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