Flush Mount Adapter for All 9×11 Comstock Series Traps


Model: C911FMA

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Flush mount cage traps encapsulate a door in the set position so that when the trap is fired the door is free to close without interference.  Available from the factory, Comstock offers flush mount traps with one flush mounted “internal door” and one standard “external door.”  Providing more versatility, flush mount cage traps are great for positive setting at den sites or against flat surfaces.  For those who own standard Comstock 9” x 11” cage traps with 2 external doors, but have a need for a flush mount trap, this handy money saving, flush mount attachment will transform a standard Comstock trap into a flush mount trap quickly and easily without purchasing another trap.  With clips or hog rings the four flaps can be clipped into position to form a solid weld-like bond.  Ruggedly made with 1/4″ round rod framing at each end, this unit can be attached or removed at will.  Though one flush mount unit is all that is necessary in most cases, flush mount units can be attached to each end of double door traps.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 11 in


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