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These useful, fast closing, wire triggered, panless bobcat/fox live cage traps are currently being made to order by Jim in the New York shop, offered in both single and double door models in four sizes. Utilizing the time proven lock ring, door lock system that has been in service for decades, Jim re-engineered the standard design by angling the door so that springs could be used to power the doors for much faster closing. It should be noted that once lock rings begin to drop they only need to fall but a few inches to begin the irreversible door locking. In the set position, like standard lock ring door traps, the doors extend straight out horizontally from the body of the trap parallel to the ground. As the powered doors close in a sweeping motion, animals are “persuaded” to move forward as they are pushed into the compartment in a trap that will lock quickly.

***No cause for worry. The double door traps have been designed so that “single firing” of a double door trap or “staggered firing” is not an issue. Both doors drop together every time.

***Because of the versatility of these traps, Comstock bobcat traps have been used to take beaver, while at the same time Comstock beaver traps have been used to take bobcats.

Comstock Lock Ring Door Cage Single Door
Single Door Small – 7.5 x 15 x 36      $95.00
Single Door Medium – 9 x 18 x 36    $105.00
Single Door Large – 10.5 x 24 x 36    $125.00
Single Door X-Large – 12 x 24 x 36    $125.00

Comstock Lock Ring Door Cage Double Door
Double Door Small – 7.5 x 15 x 36         $115.00
Double Door Medium – 9 x 18 x 36       $125.00
Double Door Large – 10.5 x 21 x 36       $135.00
Double Door X-Large – 12 x 24 x 36       $145.00
* Double Door XX-Large – 15 x 24 x 36  $160.00


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